Sunday, 30 November 2014

Selling Post

It's clearing my wardrobe time! I can't be fussed at a flea because of logistics so I'm selling some clothes cheap online!

Some pointers here if you are keen:

- I won't be posting measurements but if you are 98% confirm and will like to check on an aspect or two on the item, feel free to drop me an email.
- No defects condition, times worn are written with item description. My clothes are all handwashed :)
- Fast payment through ibanking and I will proceed to mail out next working day. Pls add $1.00 for tops/skirt, and $1.50 for dresses/jumpsuits.
- Most items fit uk6-8 comfortably, tagged S unless otherwise stated, I am a regular topshop uk6/8, zara XS-S, 1.64m and 51kg frame
- Prices final, postage preferred :)

Queries and orders, please email

Let's get it rolling...

TTR jumpsuit in forest green, S - $14
Stretchable, loose fit, lining included. Never worn.
Price tagged $28 range.

Also selling the pearl choker (new pcs avail) - if keen, please email me.

Lovebonito Lace Dress in Nude - $10
Thick lace material, lined. Worn once.

  Tiered Maxi Dress in Purplish Blue- $12batch__MG_9042batch__MG_9044
Worn once condition
chiffon with lining

TTR chiffon pleated toga top - $5
batch__MG_9045 batch__MG_9046
worn twice condition, chiffon with lining

Bonitochico contrast dress - $6
looks better when ironed :p Not worn/no defects.
With lining

Tracyeinny Black Striped knit dress - $15
worn once, UP $27. fits UK6-8/8 comfortably. Great for rainy days :)

Red tiered dress from a boutique store - $17
Thick polyester cotton material.
Selling for more as I altered it to fit up to uk6-8 or 8 comfortably. It was selling for $30+, worn once.
Great for work, functions, christmas and the list goes on :p

Tracyeinny Navy blue work dress, S- $10
Worn once. It was retailed at Tracyeinny for $30.
Fits uk6-8 best as size runs smaller.
Chiffon material with lining, belted at waist.

 Printed Short Dress from Boutique store - $10
Great for functions, never worn.

Allthingslovely Chiffon Dress - $9
Worn twice, with lining. Used to be one of my favorites :)

Black textured peplum top with pearls from Seoul (Korea) - $11
A pleated top with peplum, worn once.

 Textured yellow day dress - $12
Worn twice, zip at the back. Fits uk6/6-8.

GG>5 skirt with purple pockets - $9
Lined pencil skirt. Fits UK8, loose on my frame. Boutique price was $50+
Goes well with shirt/blouses for work. Never worn.

Fashmob pencil dress in Maroon Red - $16
Buttons on sleeve, worn once. RTP at $31

 Lollyrouge Pastel Floral Dress - $16
Flare cut, fits uk6-8 well, great tea dress, worn twice.

 Grey Work Peplum Dress - $15
Black belt does not come with dress - thick material and lined - great for work. Worn twice.

 White floral motif crochet dress - $17
Made of thick crochet, great for functions/work. Lace crochet motif, inner lined.

 Thetinselrack seagreen pleated dress -$12batch__MG_9106batch__MG_9111
Never worn, does not come with belt.

 Bonito Toga pleated dress in purple - $7 batch__MG_9112batch__MG_9114
Looks better when ironed, thick cotton lined. Never worn.

Pastel pink work dress - $11
Made of cotton, lined, banded at waist. Worn once.

 Smooch Orange grecian pleated halter dress - $11 batch__MG_9125
Polyester and lined. Very unique dress, ribbon tie-back.

 Ohvola Forest Green Work Dress - $16batch__MG_9128batch__MG_9126
Runched at bottom (adjustable to length you like), lined. Stretchable.

 Printed Tunic Dress - $14
Worn once, innerlining included.

 Sequin shoulder dress- $9
Bubble hem, navy, worn once for a christmas gathering.
Double lined from MissFayne blogstore.

Feel free to email me if keen :)

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Familiar ground

Hi ho, I meet my Blogger and Flickr account again after so long!
Well, I could have blogged more often if not for my photoshop not being on this macbook (now 2 years old). The free photo editor (gimp) has served me a good while but the interface was just user-unfriendly :(

I found out just minutes ago that PhotoScape has a new mac version - which is a savior! I used Photoscape eons ago with Windows and never really needed Photoshop besides shaping my face (oh yes, that little evil liquify tool) which I don't use now because I can't be bothered at this age to look good on screen. With all the instagram and dayre going on, I wonder who's still reading blogs. I just find that blogging on a laptop is easier (i hate touchscreen blogging) and dayre just isn't good for backtracking entries because it stays on mobile, and the entries are dated so you can't search it by title.

Dropped by yesterday to the Night Festival and was excited to check out the faces on the trees.. It was a rainy evening so my shoes were soaked in mud. Not the best place to be at, really. It started off at the area opposite Cathay (Handy Road?) with stalls of food (eg. Windowsill pies were there with a booth) and also $4 Ramlys. Couple of beer booths as well which sort of reminds me of the time I was in Vienna, for sorta wine fest! Gosh, I still can't find nice, sweet whites as the ones I had in Vienna ( somehow the brand Sterling came to mind).

These are 2 out of 4 less freaky ones (the other 2 looked pretty freaky, I told JS it looked like some halloween party we're at)

Pretty amazing how trees become canvases when light is shone on specific areas.


Also did a round of shopping and colored my hair to a darker shade.
It looks black now before it fades to a lighter shade of darker brown. I'm quite sick of going for hair sessions ( well I did rebonding/treatment/dye/treatment) and it took up so much time during weekends :'(
This should stop for another 3-4 months.

Quite happy with the shade! Lined my eyes with my newly purchased Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner in dark brown, smartly purchased with Dash (which JS & I signed up for and had $20 credit).
I just had to top up $8 for my eyeliner after my Koi BBT purchase!
Will do a review on the eyeliner after some use.

& for my craze over cushion foundation (and yes I'm still using them daily)

Here's my very own Hera UV Mist Cushion
I've probably used it for a couple of months now.
IMG_7835 IMG_7834
But I haven't used very much of it.

My thoughts on this product
- Great coverage, if not better than Iope.
- Cooling sensation as of what other CFs offer
- Sets in well and does not require much touchups in the day
- Matte texture
- Casing's much smaller and lighter than Iope's

The only reason why I am not reaching out to Hera as much is because my skin is still pretty dry now (I'm on Accutane) and this doesn't give me the moisture I very much need. However, I really like the entire packaging and will consider purchasing Iope refill just to fit this dainty looking case!

I've also read couple of articles on fake CFs so I do encourage that you read seller reviews if you choose to purchase online (like I do!) :)

And here I upload 2 videos that pretty much round up my Phuket trip in late June :)

My next travel's gonna be Hong Kong in October to meet friends and attend wedding, perhaps have some good old Hong Kong food (I haven't been there for close to a year)!

Till next Saturday - I'll probably do a weekly weekend update :)